About Our Founder

By profession, Fahad Ahmed is a Sales Executive at Google.  However, he is well known for his extensive community services in Chicago.  Fahad is native to Chicago and currently resides in suburb of Dallas, Texas with his family. His neighborhood masjid is VRIC.  Fahad Ahmed has been involved directly with qurbani services since 2005 and started offering qurbani in India since 2014. 

Fahad Ahmed


Qurbani with Confidence

We take each step of Qurbani process extremely serious and put our best effort to ensure that it is being performed with utmost adherence to Quran and Sunnah.  Please call me directly with any questions.

Qurbani Udhiya Program

Qurbani program is founded and operated by Fahad Ahmed who has been passionately offering Qurbani services for almost a decade. Fahad identified a need to offer Qurbani Udhiya services at an affordable cost for muslims living in North America. For past 4 years we have been doing qurbani in remote villages of India with direct oversight of local scholars. All the meat is distributed to poor Muslims living in remote villages of India.